Missing a few teeth? Get them restored before it’s too late

Posted by North Avenue Advanced Dental Care on Apr 24 2019, 07:21 PM

Missing a few teeth? Get them restored before it’s too late

Having your teeth extracted can cause a lot of disadvantages, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Most people who get their teeth extracted, especially the frontal ones which are quite apparent, face a lack of self-confidence. If that wasn’t enough, the functionality of the mouth would also hinder, causing discomfort and pain.

Well, you better act swiftly before your missing teeth take a toll on the aesthetics of your smile and functionality of the mouth. Luckily, we have teeth replacement solutions that can restore your smile to just the way it was prior to losing teeth. Their visual similarity to natural teeth is so high that no one would ever know that you have prosthetic teeth on.

Can missing teeth cause malocclusion?

Oh, yes! Missing teeth are one of the prime causes of malocclusion in adults. When a tooth is removed, it will be extracted in its entirety. Meaning, the tooth will be pulled out completely so that even its root is removed along with the crown. This leaves a gap in the jawbone which allows the remaining teeth to drift from their positions. Malocclusion slowly sets in as the teeth drift away from their sockets and misalign with each other.

Malocclusion will be followed by a change in facial shape and tooth loss

When the teeth start to move from their sockets, the jawbone can slowly start to shrink and deteriorate. This changes the shape of the jawbone and the face as a whole, making you look somewhat older than you actually are. The more the teeth drift from their sockets, the remaining teeth get more space around them. They naturally tend to loosen from the surrounding bone and fall off, thereby leading to further tooth loss.

Avoid being the laughingstock

When the people you’re interacting with get a glimpse of your missing tooth, it can become a very uncomfortable situation for yourself. What’s even worse is them mentioning it in front of everyone which can make it all the more awkward. Just imagine yourself in that situation. Ugh! What a nightmare! With our customized and advanced tooth replacement solutions, you can have your smile restored to just the way it was earlier. You will no longer have to be too self-conscious about your smile. Just talk, smile, and pose for pictures with confidence!

Get your oral functionality restored

Losing even a few teeth can largely affect the way you bite and chew food, let alone losing a large number of them. The teeth right next to the gap left can endure severe stresses, causing discomfort and pain. Also, the way you pronounce words will also change due to the missing tooth. If left untreated for a long time, It can potentially lead to issues such as TMJ disorder, pain in the jaws, neck, frequent headaches, etc.

Getting extracted teeth restored using implants, bridges or dentures can prove quite helpful, both in terms of improving the oral appearance and the functionality as well. Get in touch with us to explore the available options.

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